Speaking Engagements – Subjects

  1. Litigation: Time, Money & Emotion – The Anatomy of a Lawsuit.
  2. Construction Management – Champaign County, Urbana Ohio –
    Successful Reuse of Abandoned Shopping Center into County
    Offices (Champaign County, OH).
  3. What the A/E Cannot Provide.
  4. Personal Injury: Slip, Trip and Fall; “Deal or No Deal”.
  5. Litigation: Sources of Construction Products and Materials Research.
  6. Litigation: Law and the Discovery Process in Litigation.
  7. Litigation: Discovery of Project Records, Documents.
  8. Business: Lawyer Selection – No Beauty Contest.
  9. Business: Advantageous Forms of Business Entities – Corporations, Partnerships, Jt. Ventures, Individual Propietorship.
  10. Business: Formations, Agreements, Dissolution.
  11. Business: Corporate Management, Liability Reduction.
  12. Business: Law Office Management; Basics.
  13. Legal Management: Lawyer Mentoring – Law Firm Management.
  14. Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation, or Litigation – Selection Process.
  15. Wrongful Death: School Zone Traffic Signals-Tragedy of Error (Solitaria).
  16. Wrongful Death: Death on a Construction Site – Pile Driver Error (Jennings).
  17. Wrongful Death: DNR – Concealed, Forged Medical Records.
  18. Law: The Open-and-Obvious Doctrine (Ohio).
  19. OSHA: Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace.
  20. Occupational Safety – The 8 Hazardous RCRA Metals.
  21. Architecture: The White Book for Design and Function.
  22. Architecture: Affordable Style Living; What Only the Architect Can Provide.
  23. Architecture: “101″ – Basics of Architecture.
  24. Architecture; Designs for Justice Facilities.
  25. Architecture: Law Office Design and Function.
  26. Architecture: Construction Definitions, Documents and Specifications.
  27. Architecture: Practice and Procedures; Avoiding Liability.
  28. Construction: The House of Mold – Poria Incrassata (Shapiro)
  29. Construction: Ignorance or Negligence – Builder Error (Lakatos, Corrao).
  30. Construction: Risks and How to Avoid Them – Cover Your Assets.
  31. Construction: The Anatomy of a Construction Project.
  32. Construction: Elements of Construction Projects.
  33. Construction: Construction Claims Discovery
  34. Construction: Claims Investigation Worklist ©
  35. Construction: Construction Management “101″ The Basics.
  36. Construction: Collections and Mechanic’s Liens (OH).
  37. Cabinetry and Millwork – Design, Standards, Execution.
  38. Collections on Federally Funded Project; The Miller Acts.
  39. Real Property: Buying, Selling, Management Guidelines.
  40. Real Property: Management of Commercial and Industrial Properties.
  41. Real Property: Inspection and Valuation.
  42. Real Property: Construction Process Management and Inspection.
  43. Probate: Preparation Guide for Last Will & Testament (OH).
  44. Avoiding Probate: Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds (OH).
  45. “On The Dotted Line – A Capsule Look at Law”, WCLV Radio.
  46. Legal Counsel – Smart Money, National TV.
  47. “The Stark Group Live”, WERE Radio.