Construction Project As-Built Drawings & Records-What Construction Management Should Know


By: J. Norman Stark, Attorney, Architect Emeritus, A.I.A., N.C.A.R.B.

Every construction project goes through a metamorphosis, emerging as a completed improvement. However, during the construction process there may be some important changes, modifications, substitutions and intentional omissions, right up to and including completion. The timely record of each of these changes should be embodied in a complete set of As-Built Drawings and Records, available for future reference.

By definition, “As-Builts” are a revised set of drawings and related records, prepared by the General Contractor or Construction Manager, reflecting all changes made, up to the completion of the work. As-Built Drawings should include clear and concise records of changes or deviations from the construction contracts and documents, all as approved by the A-E for the Owner, including:

  1.  Design Changes
  2. Field Changes
  3. Shop Drawings
  4. Bulletins and Addenda

 What Construction Management Should Look for

Construction project As-Builts should always contain at least the following information:

  •  Descriptions of each of the modifications made.
  • Dates of each notation on each drawing sheet or page.
  • Clear, concise handwritten or printed notations.
  • On all changes, apply and use the same scale as the original drawings.
  • Color code items added, deleted, or changed, using primary colors.

Electronic recording and preservation of historic As-Built drawings and records make them available as a valuable reference in future construction project improvements and alterations.


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