J. Norman Stark is a seasoned Construction Law Attorney serving clients in the Cleveland Ohio area, online and in many other states with over 40 years of experience in construction law and the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residental building industry. As a Registered Architect and Senior ASA Appraiser, Mr. Stark truly understands the legal issues that pertain to Construction Claims, Construction Accident Claims, Construction Contracts Law, Construction Contract Disputes and Resolution, providing Litigation Support for lawyers and clients in the construction and building industry

Attorney Stark’s extensive real world knowledge of architectural drawings, specifications, construction documents, codes, building general and very cheap viagra trades contractors, and the construction process from inception to completion, make him an indispensible legal resource when dealing with construction-related legal matters. In addition, Attorney Stark is available to serve as a construction and building expert witness for legal counsel and on behalf of individuals and businesses in Ohio, Florida, and the Eastern United States.. For more information regarding specific legal areas, see below:

CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS: Analysis, preparation and implementation for new business, construction contracts and construction documents and claims coordination with Architects and Construction Engineers for Owners, General contractors, Subtrades and mail uk viagra suppliers.

CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT CLAIMS: Federal and State labor laws require specific saftey measures implemented and maintained for the construction and building industry and worksites. When these mandatory guidelines are not adhered to and construction site accidents happen, Attorney J. Norman Stark’s experience, training and expertise in Construction Claims and law protects the victim and assures that they receive fair treatment and just compensation for injuries and disabilities suffered in construction site accidents.

CONSTRUCTION EXPERT WITNESS: Available in Ohio, Florida and the eastern U.S., to serve as a construction law expert witness and provide expert legal testimony in construction related matters. Will serve other geograhic areas on a case-by-case basis.

PROJECT ADMINISTRATION: Development of project administration procedures, programs, risk control and application of new legal developments and state law decisions. Advises in negotiation of loan workouts, delays, acceleration, and implementing completion of projects- on time, witihn budget, and of good quality. Analyze, implement and manage strategy for completion of litigated projects.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Provide contract interpretation and dispute resolution during projects. Develop and implement alternate dispute resolution services, including mediation and arbitration.

INSURANCE MONITORING: Risk and coverage issues.

LITIGATION SUPPORT: Implement and coordinate with lead legal counsel in litigation, arbitration, mediation and resolution of construction, environmental, real estate, government, and company interests, claims and disputes.

LEGISLATION COUNSEL: Assist in promulgation of new construction-related laws and industry rules.

PUBLIC POLICY: Advise regarding applicable laws, regulation.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: PR assistance, media contact management, insurance and damage control.